Online TCO Calculator for spreaders

TCO Calculator

The acquisition costs of an investment represent only part of the associated costs.


Proper investment

Proper investment means taking into account not only the acquisition costs, but also the direct and indirect costs for the maintenance, operation and administration of the spreader which are incurred in the course of its useful life.

Because it is exactly these follow-up costs that account for the far higher proportion of the total operating costs, referred to as total cost of ownership (in short: TCO).


Proper investments save cash

A TCO calculation allows for identifying important cost drivers and cost factors which indicate the major potential for savings.


In order for you to be able to calculate the TCO of your spreader quickly, easily and reliably, the ASH Group offers you a free light version of the TCO management tool.

Our online calculator makes it possible to easily calculate the total costs for each of your spreaders. In addition, we show you the potential savings you can achieve with a Schmidt spreader to reduce your TCO.

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